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Product Launch Checklist

Your requirements are met, your users are excited, your testing is complete, and your team is racing toward the finish line of another successful delivery…

You probably didn't forget anything, anything that's easy to overlook. Just to be sure though, here's a final polish checklist to put your mind at ease before you push this thing out the door.

Interaction design #

☑️ Automated a11y testing passes

☑️ Animation can be disabled

☑️ Bypass blocks are available

☑️ Consistent and identifiable application states

☑️ Navigation and navigability

☑️ Pointer gestures are consistent

☑️ Layout consistency, and responsiveness

☑️ Tab order and reading order matches

☑️ Timing and timeouts are appropriate

Content design #

☑️ Heading structure is valid

☑️ Alternative text is available

☑️ Error messaging is helpful

☑️ Input feedback in place

☑️ Labels, instructions, page titles, and links have purposeful text

Visual design #

☑️ Color contrast passes AA minimum

☑️ Color usage is purposeful but not overloaded

☑️ Content is printable

☑️ Graphics are consistent

☑️ Legible typeface usage

🚢🚀🍻 Happy launching!